Block2 Build – Barrel Group

Prometheus 6.03mm stainless is used as per normal due to a current surplus in the lab. The standard R-hop is applied and left to cure. Stock VFC hop-up rubber is retained due to excellent temperature tolerance and good air-seal qualities. Hop nub is shaved to accommodate R-hop. The VFC hop-up unit is also retained due […]

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Block2 Build – Mechbox buildup

Parts list: Siegetek 10.44:1 single-sector gearset Siegetek pinion gear ASG Ultimate U-18000 28TPA motor SHS 8mm steel bushings BTC Spectre Lonex V2 cylinder head Lonex M4/M16 nozzle SHS ultralight piston Rocket Airsoft POM piston head 1/8″ Sorbo pad Retro Arms straight trigger ZCI steel full cylinder The factory glued-in bearings had to be knocked out […]

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Block2 Build – Grip Stippling

As it turns out, A2 pistol grip is just as disliked in the real and milsim worlds. As such, these are typically swapped out in favour of grips such as the MOE, Ergo and Hogue grips. However a select few prefer the profile of the grip, with modifications to increase functionality. These two modifications include shaving down the middle-finger […]

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