Ops-Core releases the Lux Liner for Bump and Carbons

Ops-Core has quietly released the vented Lux Liner for the Bump and Carbon helmets.

This is a big deal for all Bump and Carbon users for a number of reasons:

  • The Lux Liner represents a substantial improvement in comfort over the factory EPP pads due to the softer pads covered by moisture-wicking, perforated microfibre cloth that feels similar to a memory foam pillow
  • The factory EPP pad set simply adheres to the bare plastic or carbon shell and shares duty in┬áboth comfort and protection. During extremely hard impacts, all kinetic energy would be transferred/absorbed by the styrofoam-backed pads, in specific areas. The Lux Liner, in comparison, surrounds the entire head in a styrofoam encasing and transfers any blunt forces evenly. As a result the Lux Liner comfort pads are solely responsible for comfort, correct setup now alleviates any “hot spots” that users had experienced with EPP pads.
  • The Worm Dial is lower profile and no longer digs into the back of the neck when prone

Previously, to achieve a similar setup, you would have to purchase the standard Lux Liner and retrofit into the helmet, but sacrifice the breathability of the vented holes, or cut your own holes.

Alas, the liner upgrade is not cheap ($191 USD MSRP), and it is ONLY available as a separate accessory. Users must purchase a Carbon or bump and retrofit this themselves.

For more information, visit Ops-Core.

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