New and Old – Wilcox L4 G30 and L2 G05

After using several permutations of Wilcox and Norotos mounts, and with the intention to run binocular NVs for extended periods of time, I sought to reduce headborne weight as much as possible. The reality of the situation was:

  1. I never used the breakaway feature of mounts like the Wilcox L4 G24
  2. The mount almost always stays on the helmet (eg: I found myself never running with just a shroud)
  3. The L4 G24 and other mounts almost never put the NV close enough to my face to avoid the “looking-through-a-straw” effect

This easily narrowed the choice down to the L4 G30.

The Wilcox L4 G30 Mount System is a permanent mount design, developed at the request of special operations units who wanted the lowest profile, lightest weight helmet mount solution.  The L4 G30 does not have a detachable mount.  The entire system is permanently assembled.  It features all the same adjustment ranges found in traditional Wilcox designs, but sits closer to the helmet surface.

Perfect. Exactly what I wanted. All of the features, with none of the weight and the useless shit I never used.

The G30 kit ships with the Wilcox lanyard and provisions to hook it all up to the helmet. Double win.

Here it is all hooked up to my FMA Maritime Carbon with Ops-core liner and cover. Head-gasm.




But then I thought – how else could I reduce weight? Do I really need to run a helmet? Did we dominate enough at night where I wasn’t being shot much in the head? Fuck yes.

Enter the Crye Nightcap. But in all their infinite wisdom, the Crye nightcap doesn’t ship with a shroud, or a mount, or much of anything really, save for a small bag of screws. WTF?

Did I want to drop another $500+ USD on another Wilcox setup? Not really, so I looked into the past and found the L2 G05. From all angles it looks like the G30’s father, with a bit more fat around the waist, produced only in no-nonsense black.  Could the older, wiser mount work just as well as the G30. There was only one way to find out:





The answer was HELL YES. 

The L2 G05 works extremely well on the Nightcap setup. The oft-used button is in the exact same location as all other Wilcox mounts. No familiarization required.

The adjustment controls differ in several ways:

  • Height is adjusted via a large depressable button on the top of the mount vs. the polymer flip-lever found on the G24/G30
  • Breakaway is actuated via a metal lever which locks 4 ball-detents to prevent accidental removal of the mount to the base. On the G24/G30, this is done via several plates and a push-bar
  • Angle is adjusted via a large thumbwheel on the right-side akin to the Wilcox J-arm. The user unlocks the mechanism via turning the wheel and locks it by tightening the knob.

By the numbers:

  • Wilcox L4 G24 + Wilcox 3-hole shroud and lanyard: 7.96oz
  • Wilcox L4 G30: 6.02 oz
  • Wilcox L2 G05: 5.04 oz

The profile is also very similar with the G05 protruding from the head slightly more due to the breakaway feature:


For the going-price on the G05 these days on the used/surplus market, I see no reason why this isn’t an extremely viable NV complete mounting solution

I’ll do a deeper dive into the new helmet setup in a future post.


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