Comparison between M300V-A and M300V-B

A quick comparison of the output between the older Surefire M300V-A (120 lumen white) vs the new M300V-B (250 lumen white). I should point out that the IR output has remain unchanged between these two versions (100mW), however the M300V-B is now only offered in Black while the older gen lights were also available in Dark Earth and Black.

All images shot with Canon 6D, full manual, identical settings (WB, aperture, exposure, etc), VERY slight identical boost in Exposure in post-processing (I like to shoot underexposed 95% of the time).

Notice the obvious blue tint of the A model. With the higher output, and more useable white colour from the B head, peripheral objects such as the junction box on left can be easily ID’d. The flood area is also more better diffused on the updated head.



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