Arisaka M-Lok Inline scout light mount

An interesting light mounting option came across the lab this week, special-ordered for Z.


The Arisaka Defense M-Lok Inline scout light mount. 6061 aluminum, Type 3 hard anodized. Typical stuff. With more rail manufacturers hopping on board the M-lok train and adding M-lok in between the traditional 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, offset flashlight mounts can be ditched in favour of inline variations.

In a very smart move, Arisaka recognized the need to adjust the position of the Scout light in order to accommodate forward-mounted laser units and thus, have machined 3 positions for the light.

Test-fitting the light, it was quickly evident that the middle, traditional position wouldn’t work with a forward-mounted DBAL-I2, so an offset position was chosen.


Before mounting to the gun, I should note that all hardware is included as well as a small package of Vibra-tite. The 2 screws for the light/mount interface were, strangely, 2mm metric. The tailcap must be removed in order to mount the light onto the rail.


Mounted up, it creates a very compact, tucked package. I should also note that unlike most light mounts, the Arisaka light mount DOES work with the new Surefire DS-SR tailcap without modification, shown below.


All in all, for $34 USD with free shipping, a very reasonably-priced, well thought-out light mount for M-lok users. I’ll most likely pick one up for myself in the very near future.

Get it yourself here:

Bonus image, Business end:


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