Surefire Scout DS dual switch

The brand-new Surefire DS dual switch announced at SOFIC earlier last month arrived at the lab the other day, along with the updated M300v-B (250 lumens white light up from the old 120 lumens of the M300V-A)IMG_3690

As expected from Surefire the cap is exquisitely machined and sculpted. The push-button switch is nicely protected and shielded from accidental discharge. Nice touch.
I did find the push-button switch to be quite a bit stiffer as the normal Z68 tailcap. I also question the efficacy of the button due to the smaller size of the Scout lights, the push-button switch is quite small.

The tailcap itself is quite massive though, and required modifying the Haley Thorntail mount to fit the tailcap. The excess material on the mount is filed off and the modified area sprayed with Krylon.

IMG_3692 IMG_3693

Mounted up in its final home.IMG_3697

It’s just a matter of time before Night Evolution / ¬†Element knocks this off, although they have never been able to get the momentary on mechanism quite right…

I’ll do another post comparing output between the legacy M300v and this updated one shortly.

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