Standard Maintenance and upgrade to Spectre

JL dropped off his gun last week for a routine maintenance check-up and to swap out his BTC Chimera to a Spectre prior to Nightfall 5. What started off as a standard VFC SR16 CQB Master was shortened down to a 10.3″ barrel and a DD MK18 RIS II replaced the URX II.



At the time of the build, due to a shortage of BTC Spectre units, the Chimera was installed in lieu with plans to swap out at a later date. Due to the external control board of the Spectre, only a small handful of stocks could be used, the VFC crane stock being one of them and the QRS stock being another. To maintain congruency with the LEO, standard-issue look, the crane stock was chosen.

Opening up the mechbox after approximately 15k rounds yields a telling wear-pattern. Gearbox shown with half of the Spectre already dropped in.


No wear on the Siegeteks, but there is evidence of possible pre-engagement on the piston rack at the 10th tooth. The wear appears to be a one-off as it is extremely light, possibly due to a jam.

Chimera will be retained as a spare, the gun is shown here complete, with a new Magpul USA CTR stock in black, to complete the look.


JL intends on ultimately using the Mission First Tactical Minimalist stock, an excellent choice to keep weight doen which has been trending for some time and even spotted in the wild.



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