HK416 build – Starting point + initial work

The project starts with a previously-upgraded mechbox.

Mechbox parts list:

  • BTC Spectre
  • Retro Arms straight trigger
  • SHS ultralight piston
  • Rocket Airsoft 12:1 gears (SHS OEM) Siegetek 10.44:1 DSG gearset
  • SHS high-torque motor Tienly U-30000 with Siegetek pinion
  • VFC tappetĀ  SHS tappet, modified for DSG
  • M110 spring M170 spring


For the preliminary work, as the piston was used in a prior build (above) and already epoxy’d,the rack is modified with it on the piston body.


Gears will be installed and preliminary testing begins in the next post.


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