Block2 Build – Paint and Final Chrono

Mechbox was re-inserted back into the lower receiver in order to retain the selector lever and pins rather than paint them separately. Sensitive areas were masked off and the entire receiver was cleaned up with rubbing alcohol to lift any oils off the receiver for better adhesion.




4 paints were chosen for the palette: khaki, brown and green from Rustoleum’s Camo collection and OD from Krylon’s line. I found the green from Rustoleum to be tad TOO green while the OD from Krylon is a little too dark without a brighter shade.


3 light base coats of Khaki are laid down.

IMG_3556 IMG_3563 IMG_3567

The upper receiver is dusted with khaki as well to break up the outlines and allow a more congruent look with the MK18 lower. After drying for 5 minutes, any excess or concentrated spots are wiped off with acetone for a more sandy look.

IMG_3564 IMG_3565

A new painting technique is borrowed from Weapon Outfitters using twine here:


The final result:





Pistol grip is also dusted to break up the black outline, although I question the retention of the paint.




Final chrono number with a variance of +/-1fps; midcap tested with 150rd EPM, fully loaded, full FPS on first and subsequent shots.



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