Surefire releases new DS Scout tailcap switch + other changes

This week at SOFIC, Surefire released the new DS (Dual Switch) tailcap specifically for M-series Scout lights in response to an Army requirement. Previously when running a Scout light, you only had the option of using the push-button “clicky” tailcap OR the UE tailcap which accepts a remote tapeswitch, but not both. This release should not come as a surprise to anyone as many users have been asking for a fallback redundancy when using the tapeswitch on Scout lights. This is understandable as the switch and/or wire could become snagged/lost/damaged during hard use, rendering the light completely useless. This should also mean that you may start to see the V-series lights become more prevalent as the Insight WMX200 lights start to become phased out and obsolete.

Another reason why this shouldn’t be surprising is that this style of tailcap has been on the M95x series of lights for years, this is simply a miniaturization of it.

What DOES come as a surprise – and after speaking with several peers, is a surprise to them as well – is that Surefire has been quietly removing the UE tailcap from its entire line of M300/M600 series of lights, instead packaging it only with the push-button tailcap. Previous (pre-2016) Surefire M300/M600 lights came packaged with UE tapeswitch cap, ST07 tapeswitch and the push-button cap (below). From a functional standpoint this move towards streamlining the offering makes perfect sense, as users now have the flexibility to add the exact tailcap and switch set up they want rather than have a small stash of ST07 tapeswitches and push-button caps laying in the spare parts bin.

Surefire now retails all of the components to get the exact setup you want:

  • DS00 (dual-switch tailcap only)
  • DS07 (dual-switch tailcap with ST07 single-button tapeswitch)
  • DS-SR07-D-IT (DS00 dual-switch tailcap with SR07-D-IT Insight/Steiner laser-compatible dual-button switch)
  • SR07 (legacy single-button tapeswitch)
  • SR07-D-IT (Insight/Steiner laser-compatible dual-button switch)
  • UE tailcap (no dual-switch if you don’t care for the redundancy and want to save a few bucks. To be honest, the price differential to get this cap + SR07-D-IT compared to the DS-SR07-D-IT is minimal at best at ~$40, so you might as well go full retard)

Check out the full Surefire switch lineup here.


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