Ops-Core drops the bump helmet; Gives free upgrades

In a surprising move earlier this week, Ops-Core mysteriously announced that the popular Bump helmet was being discontinued. Even their biggest distributor – TNVC was shocked by the news but in the following days, the reason was clear.

Ops-Core, through its own internal testing has uncovered that the Bump helmet did not pass the blunt impact protection specification in ACH Specification CO/PD-05-04:2007.

Unlike certain manufacturers in the industry , Ops-Core is being proactive about this finding and is offering a FREE liner upgrade for all Bump owners, available 3rd quarter 2016.

From a financial standpoint, at about 30,000 bump helmets sold (figure from Ops-Core is not indicative of whether or this only covers the commercial market), at an estimated cost of $100 USD per replacement liner kit, this is a very smart move from Ops-Core to perform this free of charge rather than face a fraud suit from the DoD and potentially other class-action lawsuits. Kudos to Ops-Core for this.

Ops-Core has also announced the release of the “Bump 2.0” to begin production in August 2016. I imagine this would simply be the Bump helmet with the improved liner to meet the ACH spec.


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