Block2 Build – Teardown + Mechbox overview

Straight-away the gun was torn down to the mechbox to see what VFC has in store for 2016.


Engraved logo, red aluminum cylinder are new for 2016 and the 8mm bearings and red nylon-fibre piston were introduced in 2015.

Looking from the rear of the mechbox, the Deluxe RIS II has a wiring harness with built-in MOSFET.


Not sure on the durability of this unit but it will be removed to install a BTC Spectre. Also very interesting is the introduction of a quick-change spring system. VFC has done it in a very clever fashion by re-using as many parts from the legacy spring guide and making as few changes to the mechbox as possible. The rear of the mechbox has been re-profiled for the quick-change spring guide nut.


With the main spring removed, and anti-reversal latch released, opening up the gearbox was a complete joy. Nothing out of the ordinary or new, simply the red tappet plate and the higher-steel-content self-shimming gears that were introduced in 2015. Note the special cast pocket for the MOSFET not present on legacy gearboxes.

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